The Reasons You Need to Secure Your Enterprise Identity

Nov 2022
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Bronwen Gray
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The Reasons You Need to Secure Your Enterprise Identity

As the corporate verification landscape becomes more and more digitised, and operational on a 24/7 basis, it has never been more critical to secure and control your company’s verified digital identity. Whether you are looking to acquire new clients , get fast tracked onto your client’s vendor database or simply because you are worried about being a victim of corporate identity fraud, claiming your company’s individual corporate identity is key.

What is a corporate digital identity and how does it work?

A corporate digital identity comprises a range of due diligence credentials, enhanced and enriched by third party data sources and verifications.

A corporate digital identity transforms your company information into tamper proof verifiable data which can easily be shared with other organisations for company verification processes or risk assessments

Here are 3 reasons why you should secure your corporate identity:

i) Gaining new clients in new markets

It is said that 60% of companies view compliance as a barrier to entering highly regulated markets. However, a corporate digital identity will evidence your legitimacy as it contains all your credentials from sustainability to business funding and your prospective clients can be reassured of the authenticity of your responses as they can also be digitally verified by banks

ii) Speed up your onboarding with new clients and suppliers

New supplier onboarding can be a time -consuming basis due to the range of stringent due diligence checks where you are often required to reproduce paperwork to evidence your business credentials. Reduce the repetition of these processes by allowing new suppliers and partners to simply access your digital identity which builds an evidence and audit trail with every share and receipt.

iii) Prevent identity corporate fraud

According to PWC 47% of businesses worldwide have experienced fraud in the past 24 months.

Fraudsters will be less inclined to steal a company identity that is registered on a due diligence platform. Also by establishing a corporate digital identity, you can protect your raw company data from illegal exposure through email security breaches

How do you take ownership of your corporate digital identity

You can claim your company’s digital corporate identity by registering on a specialist due diligence platform like Umazi which reduces the complexity of the compliance process by creating secure digital identities featuring due diligence credentials. These are then verified and validated by regulated entities and housed on a secure platform

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