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About Umazi


Pioneers of global cross-industry due diligence


Through the exchange of verified information we enable businesses to build trusted relationships



We speak our clients’ language as we have been in their shoes working within regulated institutions and vendors

With over 20 years of the finance industry and technology experience, we understand the pain enterprises face

Because of our experience, we can speak to the content with a high degree of insight and knowledge but we continue to learn & develop as the landscape changes

We set realistic expectations for ourselves and others



Umazi believes in creating an honest product, securely backed by verified data

Umazi instils this in how we work through knowledge sharing and unbiased remuneration

We ensure our policies and procedures adhere to relevant regulations both internally and externally



Umazi uses distributed ledger tech to provide transparency while remaining compliant

We can comfortably explain and will continue to communicate the ways we help institutions and enterprises reach and maintain compliance

We are an open book except for personal and sensitive data



Umazi advocates community building by creating a network of trust between Enterprises, institutions and data providers

Developers and Code availability with further be enhanced to ensure we remain interoperable regardless of region, regulation, or industry

We instil this practise by ensuring we look after our own and advocating for a healthy community both internally and externally

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Meet Our Team

Our diversity came together through networks, and all share a passion for streamlining business processes. We have experience across financial services, regulations, blockchain, operation efficiencies, technology and enterprise development. 
Cindy van Niekerk
CEO & Founder
Kyle Bradley
CTO and Co-Founder
Bronwen Gray
Sales and Marketing
Patrick Boscher
Advisor - Regulatory Specialist
Schalk Venter
Product Design Lead
Ankur Banerjee
Advisor - Digital Identity Specialist
Jakub Rupik
Fingo - Solution Architect
Tomasz Gdula
Fingo - Backend Developer
Krzysztof Grys
Fingo - Frontend Developer

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