Sage Report on Digital Britain: How Small Businesses are turning the tide on tech

Oct 2022
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We attended the launch of the Sage Report at the Houses of Parliament and took this as the basis of our autumn LinkedIn polls - we will be posting our results and the relevant pieces here from the report every fortnight:

The SAGE report stated that "Many of the top barriers identified by SMBs are knowledge-based and behavioural" and our LinkedIn poll reflected the SAGE finding that "Cost and complexity remain the highest barriers holding SMBs back from adopting new technology"

Friday 21st October 2022

What causes the most friction for your business when using new technology?

Integration with existing tech 44%
Client and customer adoption 44%
Importing & accessing data. 11%
We also ran the poll on Twitter which overwhelmingly told us client and customer adoption caused the most friction - in line with our client conversations this week

Read the SAGE report summary HERE 

Friday 7th October 2022

What are the barriers holding your SMB back from adopting new technology?

Costs.      36%
Security of data.  9%
Complexity of New Tech.  55%

Friday 23rd September 2022

What is the number one benefit of using technology amid a recession?

WHILE our LinkedIn poll was equally split between:

Time saving: 33%.
Cutting costs:33%
Selling more products:33%

The research shows SMBs are using technology to cut costs (62%)

Read the SAGE report summary HERE 

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