Tokenizing Corporate Credentials...

...and business transactions to facilitate continuous cross-industry due diligence

The Problem

Corporate clients are required to present identity-related documentation (credentials) to financial institutions, law firms, real-estate brokers and insurance companies. This is largely a manual, repetitive, inefficient, time-consuming, cumbersome, non-standardised and expensive process that exposes both institutions and their clients to security risks.

The Solution

Umazi’s solution automates and accelerates the corporate identity verification process, addressing the inefficiencies. It marries distributed ledger technology and network effects to create a utility that can scale across regulatory jurisdictions and function in different languages.

Built on Blockchain and DLT

Reducing complexity and streamlining compliance
Reducing time, cost and risk of the compliance process
Allowing financial institutions to manage client data more effectively

Umazi is powered by the Corda network of nodes and underpinned by AWS cloud services. With the distributed and cloud-based infrastructure in place, clients may be assured that the performance of the network will not be disrupted.

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Built on DLT

Users are able to interact and transact within existing systems Secure, immutable data Value of the network grows exponentially with number of participants Can be easily tailored to meet specific user and client requirements Provides multiple, flexible deployment options

Enterprise Ready

Clients control and manage their own data, platform and client relationships A utility for all participants, but built from the client’s perspective for risk and compliance management by regulated institutions. Disaster proof - Remote onboarding; facilitates verification processing anywhere, anytime, even in lockdown

Built for Interoperability

Network is owned by participants; no one single party has ownership Open model allows users to build their own solutions and integrations All participants are incentivised to use the network utility Easily integrate the single API into existing systems, so it can be deployed in hours, not months

Credentials as an Asset

Umazi allows identity credentials to be stored in a utility asset which can be distributed to members of the Umazi network on a need-to-know basis to faciliate verification, due diligence and ongoing risk assessment.

Verifiable Credentials

Credentials such as passports, plastic cards, driving licenses and qualifications can be digitised, stored privately in the Umazi network and verified by third parties such as local authorities and governing bodies.

Risk Profiling

The Umazi network allows subscribers to utility assets to obtain up-to-date claims and credentials to better profile and assess customer risk levels, allowing businesses to take strategic action in real time.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Umazi allows network members to take ownership of their identity information by creating self-issued claims that contain atomic units of information, such as company name, number and registered status.

Automated Verification

The Umazi network leverages a technical event-driven state transition on distributed ledger based events that trigger a process to provide automation of a digital fact relating to a legal entity's credentials.

Disaster Proof

The Umazi network provides the ability for identity information to be established and attested so that remote onboarding of new customers can be performed in lockdown, just as easily as if you were in the office.

Claims Model

The claims provide a secure, digital solution to sharing attestable facts to establish existence and uniqueness of atomic units of information. Claims also have the ability to allow data to become interoperable and consistent across software platforms.

Time and Cost Saving

Process automation and digital smart contracts allow claims, assets and attestations to be created, amended, revoked and distributed across the network without requiring manual intervention, raising the bar for error tolerance and allows the network to scale effectively, saving time and money.

Cindy van Niekerk

Cindy has over 10 years experience on the front lines of large-scale IT implementation projects with global money centre banking institutions.

Her project management experience includes work with JP Morgan, HSBC, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds, RBS, Scotiabank, Merrill Lynch, Northern Trust, NatWest and BNP Paribas. Cindy transitioned to the Fintech world in 2018, working with Marco Polo / TradeIX and, more recently, Finteum.

Cindy has particular expertise in IT projects driven by regulatory change. She has overseen large scale implementations associated with Dodd-Frank, MIFID II, EMIR and various Asian Regulations (MAS, HKMA, ASIC).

Cindy is a South African born British national whose project management experience is global in scope, having worked and lived in Singapore in addition to London.

Cindy recently obtained her Oxford Blockchain Strategy Certification by Said Business School and Corda Developer Certification.

Matthew Layton

Matthew is a seasoned software developer with over 10 years of professional experience in both public and private sectors; including healthcare, electronic point-of-sale, mission critical systems, travel and financial technology.

His technical lead and architecting experience includes work with the Blockchain and DLT team at TradeIX and the production ready CorDapp as part of MarcoPolo.

Matthew is the technical and innovation lead at Ivno and is responsible again for architecting their production ready CorDapp infrastructure. He is drawing on a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise and contributes to the developer ecosystem through several open source projects.

Matthew's focus has a strong stance on enterprise application architecture, software design patterns and principles, clean, maintainable code, and endeavours to lead development teams with a strong emphasis on education.

As Corda certified professional developer, and an IBM certified Blockchain developer he has applied a keen interest in cryptography, especially working in the Blockchain and DLT arena.

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